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  1. 2013.04.17 Window 포트 정보

Window 포트 정보

PortProtocolNetwork Service System Service
445TCPADDSAD Access and Authentication
1025TCPADDSAD Login & Replication
1026TCPADDSAD Login & Replication
42424TCPASP.Net Session StateASP.NET State Service
4011UDPBINLRemote Installation
19TCPChargenSimple TCP/IP Services
19UDPChargenSimple TCP/IP Services
3343UDPCluster ServicesCluster Service
13TCPDaytimeSimple TCP/IP Services
13UDPDaytimeSimple TCP/IP Services
67UDPDHCP ServerDHCP Server
67UDPDHCP ServerInternet Connection Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing
68UDPDHCP ServerDHCP Server
9TCPDiscardSimple TCP/IP Services
9UDPDiscardSimple TCP/IP Services
53TCPDNSInternet Connection Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing
53UDPDNSInternet Connection Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing
5718TCPDPMTCP/Data Protection Manager
5719TCPDPMTCP/Data Protection Manager
7TCPEchoSimple TCP/IP Services
7UDPEchoSimple TCP/IP Services
548TCPFile Server for MacintoshFile Server for Macintosh
21TCPFTP controlFTP Publishing Service
21TCPFTP controlApplication Layer Gateway Service
20TCPFTP default dataFTP Publishing Service
3268TCPGlobal Catalog ServerLocal Security Authority
3269TCPGlobal Catalog ServerLocal Security Authority
80TCPHTTPWindows Media Services
80TCPHTTPWorld Wide Web Publishing Service
80TCPHTTPSharePoint Portal Server
8530TCPHTTPHypertext Transfer Protocol
8531TCPHTTPHypertext Transfer Protocol
443TCPHTTPSWorld Wide Web Publishing Service
443TCPHTTPSSharePoint Portal Server
143TCPIMAPExchange Server
993TCPIMAP over SSLExchange Server
500UDPIPSec ISAKMPLocal Security Authority
88TCPKerberosKerberos Key Distribution Center
88UDPKerberosKerberos Key Distribution Center
1688TCPKMSKey Management Service
1701UDPL2TPRouting and Remote Access
389TCPLDAP ServerLocal Security Authority
389UDPLDAP ServerLocal Security Authority
389TCPLDAP ServerDistributed File System
389UDPLDAP ServerDistributed File System
636TCPLDAP SSLLocal Security Authority
636UDPLDAP SSLLocal Security Authority
1645UDPLegacy RADIUSInternet Authentication Service
1646UDPLegacy RADIUSInternet Authentication Service
515TCPLPDTCP/IP Print Server
1755TCPMMSWindows Media Services
1755UDPMMSWindows Media Services
5723TCPMOMAgent Install
5724TCPMOMMicrosoft Operations Manager 2000
270TCPMOM 2004Microsoft Operations Manager 2004
51515TCPMOM-ClearMicrosoft Operations Manager 2000
1270TCPMOM-EncryptedMicrosoft Operations Manager 2000
2460UDPMS TheaterWindows Media Services
1801TCPMSMQMessage Queuing
1801UDPMSMQMessage Queuing
2101TCPMSMQ-DCsMessage Queuing
2107TCPMSMQ-MgmtMessage Queuing
3527UDPMSMQ-PingMessage Queuing
2103TCPMSMQ-RPCMessage Queuing
2105TCPMSMQ-RPCMessage Queuing
4500UDPNAT-TLocal Security Authority
138UDPNetBIOS Datagram ServiceComputer Browser
138UDPNetBIOS Datagram ServiceMessenger
138UDPNetBIOS Datagram ServiceServer
138UDPNetBIOS Datagram ServiceNet Logon
138UDPNetBIOS Datagram ServiceDistributed File System
138UDPNetBIOS Datagram ServiceSystems Management Server 2.0
138UDPNetBIOS Datagram ServiceLicense Logging Service
137UDPNetBIOS Name ResolutionComputer Browser
137UDPNetBIOS Name ResolutionServer
137UDPNetBIOS Name ResolutionWindows Internet Name Service
137UDPNetBIOS Name ResolutionNet Logon
137UDPNetBIOS Name ResolutionSystems Management Server 2.0
139TCPNetBIOS Session ServiceComputer Browser
139TCPNetBIOS Session ServiceFax Service
139TCPNetBIOS Session ServicePerformance Logs and Alerts
139TCPNetBIOS Session ServicePrint Spooler
139TCPNetBIOS Session ServiceServer
139TCPNetBIOS Session ServiceNet Logon
139TCPNetBIOS Session ServiceRemote Procedure Call Locator
139TCPNetBIOS Session ServiceDistributed File System
139TCPNetBIOS Session ServiceSystems Management Server 2.0
139TCPNetBIOS Session ServiceLicense Logging Service
119TCPNNTPNetwork News Transfer Protocol
563TCPNNTP over SSLNetwork News Transfer Protocol
123UDPNTPWindows Time
2393TCPOLAP Services 7.0SQL Server: Downlevel OLAP Client Support
2394TCPOLAP Services 7.0SQL Server: Downlevel OLAP Client Support
110TCPPOP3Microsoft POP3 Service
110TCPPOP3Exchange Server
995TCPPOP3 over SSLExchange Server
1723TCPPPTPRouting and Remote Access
17TCPQuotdSimple TCP/IP Services
17UDPQuotdSimple TCP/IP Services
1813UDPRADIUS AccountingInternet Authentication Service
1812UDPRADIUS AuthenticationInternet Authentication Service
51905TCPRMSMicrosoft Operations Manager 2000
51906TCPRMSMicrosoft Operations Manager 2000
51907TCPRMSMicrosoft Operations Manager 2000
51908TCPRMSMicrosoft Operations Manager 2000
51909TCPRMSMicrosoft Operations Manager 2000
135TCPRPCMessage Queuing
135TCPRPCRemote Procedure Call
135TCPRPCExchange Server
135TCPRPCCertificate Services
135TCPRPCCluster Service
135TCPRPCDistributed File System
135TCPRPCDistributed Link Tracking
135TCPRPCDistributed Transaction Coordinator
135TCPRPCEvent Log
135TCPRPCFax Service
135TCPRPCFile Replication
135TCPRPCLocal Security Authority
135TCPRPCRemote Storage Notification
135TCPRPCRemote Storage Server
135TCPRPCSystems Management Server 2.0
135TCPRPCTerminal Services Licensing
135TCPRPCTerminal Services Session Directory
49152~65535TCPRPCRPC Response
49152~65535UDPRPCRPC Response
593TCPRPC over HTTPRemote Procedure Call
593TCPRPC over HTTPExchange Server
5005UDPRTCPWindows Media Services
5004UDPRTPWindows Media Services
554TCPRTSPWindows Media Services
445TCPSMBFax Service
445TCPSMBLicense Logging Service
445TCPSMBPrint Spooler
445TCPSMBRemote Procedure Call Locator
445TCPSMBDistributed File System
445TCPSMBNet Logon
2703TCPSMS Remote ChatSMS Remote Control Agent
2703UDPSMS Remote ChatSMS Remote Control Agent
2701TCPSMS Remote Control (control)SMS Remote Control Agent
2701UDPSMS Remote Control (control)SMS Remote Control Agent
2702TCPSMS Remote Control (data)SMS Remote Control Agent
2702UDPSMS Remote Control (data)SMS Remote Control Agent
2704TCPSMS Remote File TransferSMS Remote Control Agent
2704UDPSMS Remote File TransferSMS Remote Control Agent
25TCPSMTPSimple Mail Transport Protocol
25UDPSMTPSimple Mail Transport Protocol
25TCPSMTPExchange Server
25UDPSMTPExchange Server
162UDPSNMP Traps OutboundSNMP Trap Service
123UDPW32TimeWindows Time
2725TCPSQL Analysis ServicesSQL 2000 Analysis Server
1433TCPSQL over TCPMicrosoft SQL Server
1434UDPSQL ProbeMicrosoft SQL Server
1900UDPSSDPSSDP Discovery Service
2869TCPSSDP event notificationSSDP Discovery Service
5000TCPSSDP legacy event notificationSSDP Discovery Service
3389TCPTerminal ServicesNetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing
3389TCPTerminal ServicesTerminal Services
69UDPTFTPTrivial FTP Daemon Service
2869TCPUPNPUniversal Plug and Play Device Host
42TCPWINS ReplicationWindows Internet Name Service
42UDPWINS ReplicationWindows Internet Name Service
102TCPX.400Microsoft Exchange MTA Stacks

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